Your June Sex Horoscope Is Here To Remind You To Speak Your Truth

Big news for your love life: There’s change coming. On the 3rd, Saturn is in conjunction with Venus (meaning their energies are mixed), stirring up feelings of new beginnings with a lil’ unpredictability thrown into the mix. You’ll start looking at your partner in a new way or, if you’re single, you’ll suddenly find interesting new people to swipe right on.

Then, Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, making you rethink what you want for your home. Are you ready to move in with your partner after quarantining together for weeks, or do you need more time? Only you know the answer.

And, of course, there’s plenty of love and sexy vibes coming your way all month long.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counselling psychology.


You’re all about talking things out this month, Aries, and you’re definitely not okay with going to bed angry. Communication is clutch right now, so make sure you’re clearly telling your S.O. what you need instead of hoping they’ll read between the lines. (Spoiler alert: They won’t.)

Neptune goes retrograde on the 23rd in an area of your chart about getting away from it all, making you wonder who your ideal partner is. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll start to mull over how you can make it even more awesome. Toward the end of the month, you’ll be ready to just kick back and veg, so grab your partner, hop into bed, and just Netflix and chill—literally, chill.


It’s time to roll the dice, Taurus, because the lunar eclipse on the 5th makes you ready to take a gamble in love. Maybe you’ll finally meet up with that coworker you’ve been Zooming on the side lately, or will talk to your partner about that Too Hot to Handle fantasy you can’t get over. Either way, taking a risk will pay off for you.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th in your house of communication, making you want to get in touch with your feelings so you can spell them out to your partner. When Neptune goes retrograde on the 23rd, you’ll suddenly have a clear sense of what your ideal partner and relationship is. Don’t wait to speak up, or else you won’t get what you don’t ask for.


You want what you want, and you’re not going to let anything stand in your way. Someone new will catch your eye this month, and you’ll have zero issues letting them know you’re interested. Already in a relationship? That assertiveness will translate to the bedroom, where you’ll be the one calling the shots.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th will have you giving your partnership the side eye. Is there a balance between your love life and everything else or is one aspect overshadowing the other? You’ll also be ready for some kind of adventure, even if it’s just planning for a future one. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, you’ll feel like things are progressing in your love life. Don’t be afraid to open up—it’ll only bring you and your S.O. closer.


You’ll kick off the month with a serious need to rejuvenate with your partner. So, put your phone away, pack up your laptop, and just talk to each other. In an LDR? It can start to feel like you’ll never see your partner again, but don’t stress: Your together time is coming.

The solar eclipse on the 21st makes you wonder if there’s room for improvement in your love life. At the same time, you’ll suddenly notice random things, like the fact that your S.O. totally has ear hair. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, you’ll crave a time out for yourself to just think. Do you feel good about where your love life is headed? Only you know the answer.


Oh hey, Leo: The lunar eclipse on the 5th is happening in your house of romance, making it a pretty amazing time to meet someone, even if it’s only through a Zoom party. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have a strong desire to grab your S.O., get out, and just let loose.

The solar eclipse on the 21st makes you hyper-aware of where you keep tripping yourself up in relationships. Mars moves into your house of intimacy and intuition this month too, making you put extra effort into your love life. Just a heads up, though: You might have to make a tough decision toward the end of the month, like whether you’re ready to finally move in together or combine your incomes. It’s not a bad idea to figure out in advance where you stand.


Someone new is entering your orbit because of work, Virgo, and they’ve got their eye on you. If you’re already tied down, you’ll find things getting deeper between you two. The solar eclipse on the 21st makes you learn something new and unexpected about your partner, like the fact that they can recite all the lyrics to “Baby Got Back.”

When Mars moves opposite your sign, you’ll find that your S.O. motivates you to do better, whether it’s in your health, work, or general life. At the end of the month, Jupiter gets you ready to make something happen in your love life. Maybe it’s meeting someone new or reaching a new level of awesome with your partner. Either way, it’ll be great.


It might not feel like it now, but this is actually a great month for meeting someone new, especially through a work connection. Keep your eyes peeled, because your next big thing might show up on your screen.

If you’re in a relationship, when the lunar eclipse happens on the 21st, you’ll start to figure out where you want your love life to go and whether you want to take things to the next level with your S.O. You’ll also take a closer look at your regular routine with your partner and try to figure out where you can be even more of a team. When Venus goes direct at the end of the month, you’ll be ready to get out and explore with someone you care about…while practicing social distancing, of course.


You feel comfortable with your partner, but this month it’s going to be next level. Venus is in your natural 8th house of intimacy, making you feel completely laidback and natural with your partner. You’ll be open to pushing the boundaries in bed and feel totally okay opening up a little more than usual. The lunar eclipse on the 5th is a super sexy time for you so…you know what to do.

Mars, the planet of action, is in your house of romance for the month, making it a great time to do something bold. Rounding things off is Venus going direct in your house of intimacy, making you all about sharing your feelings with someone sexy. TL; DR: It’s a great time to be you.


Venus kicks off the month opposite your sign, sending sweet vibes your way. If you’re in a relationship, things will just ~flow~ especially on the communication front. If you’re single, you won’t be for long…. The lunar eclipse on the 5th is a powerful time for you to understand yourself better in relationships. How much are you doing for yourself vs. your S.O.? And how can you be all-in without losing yourself?

Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th in your house of intimacy, causing you to step back and think about how you feel when you’re with your partner. Are you at a can’t-live-without-you kind of level, or is there still room to grow? Either way, it’s important to figure it out now.


Keep your eyes open next time you’re out for your daily stroll, Cap, you’ll come across someone new and interesting. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll find new ways to keep things light in your love life. It could be as simple as checking out new @TinyChefShow posts together—just sharing a laugh will help your relationship feel even stronger.

You’ll also find yourself picking your partner’s brain a little more than usual this month. And, when Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th in your house of partnerships, you’ll be into getting your S.O.’s opinion even more. Keep in mind, though, that your partner can’t tell what you’re thinking: You’ve got to be super clear about what you want in order to be understood.


Ooh, Aquarius: Venus is in your house of romance, making it a really great time for dating. If you’re single, keep an eye out for someone new and interesting—they’re out there, and they’re closer than you think. If you’re in a relationship, make a point to kick back and have fun with your S.O. It can be as simple as kicking off your shoes, cranking up some music, and having a spur-of-the-moment dance-off. The little things matter here.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th will make you realise that your partner is actually one of your closest friends. Aww. Toward the end of the month, you’ll have a sense that something new and awesome is coming in your love life, like an engagement or talking about having a baby. Go with it—good things are coming your way.


You’re all about finding a work-love balance this month, Pisces. Maybe you’ve been kinda neglecting your partner lately to squeeze in one more work project—now is the time to show your appreciation for their patience and understanding. Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th in your house of romance and children, making you wonder if you want to have kids one day.

You’ll also be all about having deep talks with your partner to get to know them even better. Heads up: Mars, the planet of action, is in your sign, making you ready to call the shots. Speak up and let your partner know what is and isn’t important to you—it’ll go farther than you think.

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