What Happened When a Guy Stopped Calorie Counting and Tried Intuitive Eating

YouTuber Will Tennyson is used to following strict diets. Recently, the fitness buff challenged himself to try intuitive eating for seven days.

Before getting into the video, it’s important to know that intuitive eating is more than eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. There are 10 principles that guide intuitive eating, which include rejecting the diet mentality and honoring your hunger. The concept is not considered a diet, so attempting to be an intuitive eater for a week doesn’t follow the principles.

Tennyson also recommends tracking calories prior to intuitive eating. He believes this mentally helps you track the amount you’re eating in a day without completing a food journal. However, this practice isn’t aligned with the principles of intuitive eating. Tennyson also uses certain ingredients to cut calories, which again, doesn’t strictly follow the concept of intuitive eating. However, he does his best to adhere the approach for the sake of his experiment.

For example, Tennyson doesn’t weigh his cheese or toppings during a DIY pizza night.

“I’m just going to put as much cheese as I want on it,” he says.

Tennyson also eats the same meals as his family, which doesn’t happen when he counts calories.

“I usually do my own thing,” he says, noting that it’s too difficult to track macros from meals his family cooks.

He also enjoys ice cream cake, orders a burger and fries from a local restaurant, and snacks more often.

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“So in terms of a social aspect, intuitive eating is great,” Tennyson.

Tennyson didn’t gain any weight, despite eating freely for one week—which came as a surprise to the YouTuber. He encourages others to try intuitive eating if they’re tired of restrictive diets.

“Anti-diet does not mean anti-health,” he says.

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