What conversion this is the only time?

Every week there are new, exciting findings in science. But understand you can a little. Except Christoph Koch, head of the Science Department at stern. On behalf of all the idea of star-Reporter Thilo Mischke will interrogate loose his colleagues. To current, but also the fundamental knowledge of science. And, hopefully, an understandable response. Very true to the name of the magazine: questions. Understand. This time: What to actually transition this annoying time?

Wonderful Time Doubling

The night on the last Sunday in October is the longest of the year: After 2:59 p.m., the official time jumps invoice, strangely enough, not at 3:00, but at 2:00 PM. The “paid” an hour, everyone knows it, but is borrowed in fact only: In the spring, we had to get up an hour earlier. The talk is of the summer time. A clear majority finds them to be quite superfluous, and has, at least, to the earlier getting Up to your beginning of any form of Lust.
But why the summer keeps time then ever so persistent? It applies everywhere, and why it was invented? Puzzles about puzzles, we can explain in our new Video just in time for the watch changeover.