Vitamin C Infused Gin Is Here To Save Us In Self-Isolation

Viruses – the coronavirus, in particular – are/is extremely infectious, and Vitamin C has been proven to both boost the immune system and relieve the severity of respiratory symptoms. But before your eyes go rolling back into your head, we don’t recommend popping pills like M&Ms at every opportunity – however healthy they may be. In fact, there’s a much more palatable option.

…Allow us to introduce you to Impression Gin (RRP $75 per 700ml).

Launching today online and in selected restaurants and hotels across Australia, this locally-made concoction is infused with collagen-rich botanicals, including mangosteen and calendula, dandelion (to detoxify), and Kakadu plum (which btw, has 100x the amount of Vit C as an orange.) Meaning sipping on a G&T will essentially be an act of self-care.

“We wanted to do gin differently, something for the health-conscious – people who like to keep fit and eat well, yet are still up for a good time with friends. After all, life is all about balance,” said Impression Gin Co-Founder, Cherida Forde in a press release about the launch.

We know what we’re getting up to in self-isolation, hbu?

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