“The Home Office will lead to deaths”: doctors warn of lack of exercise

Who can stay in a Home Office and lives safer? You might think: There are no accidents on the way to work and the risk of Infection by the Coronavirus is also minimized. But now the famous sports-warn physicians of working from home carries its own dangers.

Leading German sports and exercise, doctors warn of long-term health damage that could be caused by output restrictions in the Corona-crisis. “The home office will lead as a result of reduced movement quite clearly to death, if we are not against taxes,” said the sports physician, Rüdiger Reer from the University of Hamburg for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (F. A. Z.).

Who must now stay home, might be safe from the Coronavirus, it increases the risk of a heart attack. “It must not happen that you want to protect people from a risk and at the same time, another exposes,” said Reer. It must therefore be avoided that the output constraints will be exacerbated.

“Because people are then, unfortunately, to replacement drugs”

The people moved only a little to foot, mounted, inverted, about 500 feet per day. In the current situation, this value falls significantly.

The lack of happiness hormones released by exercise, were also stressful. “Because people are then, unfortunately, to a substitute drug, such as alcohol, tobacco, or overeating.” Just for kids a regular School and team sports is also the psycho-social is important.

What should people do now

The Remscheid-based sports medicine physician Herbert Löllgen recommends at least every half hour once to get up. Gymnastic exercises, climbing stairs and Outdoor exercise, which is still allowed, are also important, for example, said Löllgen of the F. A.

Especially the Cycling is recommended:. “Because whoever departs daily wheel, is much fitter and has much better medicinal values than others,” said Löllgen. Also a change of diet could help: More fruits and vegetables, less fat and carbohydrates – and only once a week meat.

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