That Celeb-Loved Face Mask with a 40,000-Person Waitlist Is Finally Back in Stock

Of the millions of face masks on the market, there’s one brand that celebrities keep gravitating to for protection: Evolvetogether. The company’s disposable masks have been seen on Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, and so many more. It’s safe to say they are one of Hollywood’s most popular face masks. But A-listers aren’t the only ones buying them. The Evolvetogether masks have been so popular since launching earlier this year that they racked up a 40,000-person waitlist — but they’re finally back in stock. 

The masks have been on pre-order for months, but as of October 5, the brand’s packs of seven face masks are available to ship immediately. So what exactly makes Evolvetogether’s disposable face masks so sought-after? For starters, they’re some of the only medical-grade masks available to consumers. And unlike reusable cotton or polyester options, the brand says its masks can provide more protection thanks to their unique three-ply construction. Each one features a water-resistant outer layer that blocks airborne contaminants, a melt-blown center that filters out bacteria and particles, and a moisture-absorbing inner layer that makes them breathable. 

Buy It! Evolvetogether NYC 7 Face Masks, $8.97;

Each mask is designed with soft, tug-free ear loops and a hidden aluminum nose bridge for a more customized fit around the face. All of these layers and features work together to ensure the wearer and others around them are safe. 

Aside from that, Evolvetogether’s masks are some of the more chic takes on the regular blue surgical mask – they’re available in a matte black, green, and white, and each one is decorated with coordinates of locations around the world reminding us that “we’re all connected no matter our gender, race, religion or geographic location,” according to the website. 

The seven-packs of the NYC, Milan, and Amazonia face masks are all available to ship now. Each set retails for just under $9, which is about $1.20 per mask. Considering their popularity among celebs and customers alike, we have a feeling they won’t be in stock for long — so hurry and shop a pack before they inevitably sell out again. 

Buy It! Evolvetogether Milan 7 Face Masks, $8.97;

Buy It! Evolvetogether Amazonia 7 Face Masks, $8.97;

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