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The Coronavirus pandemic in Germany medicine, politics, tourism and society firmly in its grip: More than four million people globally have become infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2, 175.173 of them in Germany. All the news about the Corona pandemic from Germany, Europe and the world, you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Coronavirus in Germany and in the world – the top stories: "Very good Dinge" about: Trump takes Malaria drugs as a Corona-prophylaxis (06.55 am) criticized Short-Merkel Plan for the reconstruction of the economy (22.44 PM)

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Restart at the Corona-Hotspot West meat in Coesfeld

08.34 PM: After a forced break due to the many Corona-infections begins West meat on Tuesday with a test operation in the Coesfeld plant. In the first step, but still no pigs are to be slaughtered. The gradual start-up of the operation is accompanied by surveillance authorities. Used only for employees, you can have negative test results with the Coronavirus to be. imago images/Noah Wedel In Coesfeld, Germany, was operating West of meat corona cases.

The district of Coesfeld had closed the plant in front of one and a half weeks temporarily, after numerous plant had infected the workers with the Coronavirus.

Also in lower Saxony is in operation in the district of Osnabrück, are employees of a Meat many Coronavirus infections have become known to the company West crown in Dissen, which is also operated by the battle company West meat together with Danish Crown. There, the district tested a total of 92 employees in a positive way.

On Monday, the operation rested thereupon. According to the district of approximately 2000 tonnes of meat may process. Thereafter, the operation for 14 days, it must close completely. A total of around 300 employees work in Dissen.

TOP NEWS: "Very good Dinge" about: Trump takes Malaria drugs as a Corona-prevention

06.55 PM: US President Donald Trump says it is a Malaria drug as a Coronavirus, prophylaxis. He is a take for about one and a half weeks, hydroxychloroquine, Trump said on Monday at the White house. He had "very good Dinge" over the Long-approved Malaria drug belongs to, Trump said. On demand for scientific knowledge for the Benefit of such prophylaxis Trump claimed that he didn’t get a lot of calls and a lot of Doctors and nurses were taking it as a precaution. He voted for the taking of the drug with the doctor of the White house.

Trump had advertised in March and April for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for patients suffering from the novel Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. The drug is a "Gift Gottes", he gushed at the time. At the end of April, the U.S. food and Drug administration (FDA) warned, however, prior to the alleged miracle cure: There is no robust evidence of efficacy against Covid-19, the means increase, but the risk of life-threatening heart rhythm disorders, it said. Previously, a study had found when taking the drug in combination with an antibiotic, a higher mortality rate in patients.

Trump said that he’ll take zinc to strengthen the immune system. The 73-Year-old stressed the Coronavirus Tests were down with him last negative. It remained initially unclear whether Trump hydroxychloroquine occupies as a prophylaxis against infection with the new Virus, or in the hope that possible Covid-would be symptoms of mild.

Hydroxy chloroquine is available in the U.S. for the treatment of auto-immune disease Lupus, and Arthritis, and approved. There are several studies investigating a possible Use of the drug in connection with Covid-19 are currently running. The National health Institute of the United States had declared on Thursday that there is now a clinical trial with approximately 2000 volunteers, in the to clarify whether the ingestion of hydroxychloroquine stays together with the antibiotic Azithromycin in the early stages of the disease, the hospital, and death can reduce cases.

Trumps for drugs is the effect of Advertise

The President’s statements in medical matters, have weight, even if he restricts that he was not a doctor. After his persistent for the active substance chloroquine about the number of increased Advertise frictions in the U.S., despite warnings from experts, the 46-fold, as an analysis of the "New York Times" At the end of April showed. Searches on Google after the purchase went according to another study, through the ceiling.

At the end of March, the FDA warned that people hydroxychloroquine with chloroquine phosphate mistook the be used for aquarium fish. At least one Person had died, therefore, after taking the supposed Covid drug, said the FDA.

Hundreds of Germans are still waiting for a return to Germany

05.35 PM: More than three weeks after the preliminary setting of the return flights of the foreign office are still hundreds of Germans abroad. How the German press Agency learned from the foreign office, is alone in Morocco "high three-digit Zahl" return of willing German citizen, did not get away because of the capping of the flight and ferry service in the Corona – crisis. "In South Africa we assume a mid-three-digit number of people wanting to leave the German in Argentina and Pakistan from a low-to-mid three-digit Zahl", it is from the Ministry. The messages try in each individual case, to find return options, for example, with the occasional commercial flights.

In the case of the fixed-seat German it is not only the stranded tourists, but also to permanently or temporarily living abroad and German. "Some were due to the lack of transport facilities, movement restrictions or quarantine measures on return flights teilnehmen", it is from the foreign office. "Others have decided only later to a departure, for example due to the development of the pandemic situation, or because the booked return flights have now been cancelled yet."

Super-Spreader of Prostitution: Union and SPD demand sexkauf prohibition of entry and exit possibilities for prostitutes

05.26 PM: in the light of the corona-related closure of the prostitution sites calls for a group of Bundestag deputies of the CDU and the SPD a sexkauf prohibition of entry and exit programs for prostitutes. During the Corona-crisis-imposed Shutdown for Prostitution should not be eased, demand in the German press-Agency in this letter to the heads of government of the countries. You if infection to others fear herd. "It should be obvious that Prostitution would have the effect of a epidemiological Super-Spreaders – sexual acts are not, in General, with Social Distancing vereinbar", it says in the paper. In tracking the chain of Infection in all probability will concealed from view after the contact with prostitutes.

The Letter of 16 parliamentarians have signed, including the trade unionist Leni Breymaier (SPD), the Deputy chief of the Union parliamentary group and former Minister of health, Hermann Gröhe (CDU), as well as the physician Karl Lauterbach (SPD). In Germany, there are around 33,000 officially registered prostitutes, and according to the Numbers of members up to 400,000 in total.

Over 250,000 infections: Brazil affected now the third strongest

03.37 PM: Brazil is the country with the world’s third-highest number of recorded Coronavirus infections become. In the South American country until Monday 254.220 infection cases were counted as official statistics showed. It is the successor to the United Kingdom, where there were nearly 250,000 registered infections, in third place on the global scale.

On the first two places in the United States with 1.5 million infection cases and Russia with around 290,000 cases.

Reuters A resident of the Favela Paraiso Polis with a Mouth guard and face mask and waving a Brazilian Flag in front of a row of police officers during a protest. Residents of the Favela called for stronger measures on the part of the state against the spread of the Coronavirus.

World medical chief warns against premature talk of travel relaxations

03.19 PM: The Chairman of the world medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has a rapid Opening of the European borders for tourism warned. "I would advise the government to keep the borders closed – and in both Richtungen", Montgomery said the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday). "For health reasons, it would be the Best, the people remained in their place of residence." dpa/Guido Kirchner , Frank Ulrich Montgomery

With a view to the announcement by foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), the travel warning for Europe in mid-June, cancel, warned Montgomery in front of a dangerous race: "The new relaxations between the European countries give me great concern, because we are again outdoing the competition: Who opens, who opens faster?" By traffic, the risk of a second wave of Infection will rise: "It is harder than the first, because we will no longer have to be so careful."

Eleven percent of the Corona-Infected work in the health professions

01.06 PM: employees of hospitals and nursing homes in Germany, a media report says that more frequently than the average of infection with the novel Coronavirus affected. How to search the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Tuesday) shows, have been infected since mid-April, on average, every day more than 230 Doctors, nurses and other staff in the health professions with Sars-CoV-2.

A total of around 20,000 employees from these areas have moved so far to infection with the Virus, reported the newspaper, citing information from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). This corresponds to around eleven per cent of all Infected. At least 894 people from the health sector had to be treated stationary, at least 60 have died as a result of the lung disease Covid-19. On the Virus, the staff are tested, but only selectively, it said further. The RKI have granted at the request of the newspaper, it was the Institute not known how comprehensive the facilities will be tested.

Number of the Corona of the dead rising in the US, over 90,000 people

Tuesday, 19. In may, 0.13 PM: Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in the United States, according to scientists, more than 90,000 people after infection with the Virus died. The show went on Monday evening (local time) from the data of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The number of confirmed infections in the United States was the Uni that more than 1.5 million. Worldwide, more than 4.7 million cases are known.

A few weeks ago, the Institute IHME at the University of Washington in Seattle, it was assumed that the number of victims would stabilize in the summer at about 90,000. Meanwhile, the scientists assume that the number of dead could rise in the USA until the end of the month to around 110,000 Dead. Until the end of July, the victim could stabilize the number then at around 145,000.


Short Merkel criticized the Plan to rebuild the economy

22.44 PM: The Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz has been critical of Germany and France proposed plan for the reconstruction of the European economy is expressed. Austria hold on to his Position, that of the EU-repayable loans and grants to countries in crisis will be awarded should be said Briefly on Monday in Vienna. "We will continue to show solidarity and countries that are most affected by the corona, crisis, support, but this must be done through credits and not through Zuschüsse", it was called at the request of the news Agency APA from the Federal Chancellery. dpa/Helmut Fohringer/APA/dpabild Chancellor Sebastian Kurz speaks during a press conference.

To do this, he had replaced the heads of government of Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden, and wrote to the conservative politician on Twitter. "Our Position remains unverändert", so Short more.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron had on Monday proposed a programme for the economic recovery of the EU in the amount of 500 billion euros. This could first of all give to the pandemic affected countries, such as Italy and Spain air. The Plan, however, must be from all 27 EU member States unanimously decided. The billion sum should therefore be included in the name of the EU in the capital market and in the context of the EU multiannual financial framework as an aid to countries in crisis to go.

Fear of the second wave: world doctors President warns of "Überbietungswettbewerb" for travel relaxations

21.16 PM: world medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has in front an Opening of the European borders for tourism warned. "I would advise the government to keep the borders closed – and in both Richtungen", he said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The announcement by German foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the travel warning in mid-June to repeal the medical critical.

"The new relaxations between the European countries give me great concern, because we are again outdoing the competition: Who opens, who opens faster?", Montgomery said. By the increase in revenue in tourist traffic, the risk of a second wave of Infection increases as well. "It is harder than the first, because we will no longer have to be so careful."

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