Spahn: rise of the Corona-infection figures worrying

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 20 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the Coronavirus, 217.768 of them in Germany.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn sees the increase in the Corona-infection numbers, as a sign of alarm. "This is besorgniserregend&quot without a doubt;, the CDU-politician said on Wednesday in Germany radio. "Here we see that journey of return, but also by parties of all kind, and family celebrations in many Places in the country, we have in almost all regions of the country smaller and larger outbreaks. And of course it can – if we are not careful now, all together, a momentum of its own." It was "very, very wachsam" to no longer be, because there were only local outbreaks. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa

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