Serious side effects threaten: pharmacists call for a ban on Otriven nasal drops for infants

How "Pharmacy Adhoc" reported, the criticized product to the Otriven nasal drops for infants (0,025% Xylometazoline). At the current presentation of the drug Commission of the German pharmacists criticized the dosing pipette made of plastic, with the babies, the drops should be. This device, however, has no scaling, so that depending on how much pressure is built up, Overdose is difficult to avoid, especially if the children are restless and kicking and fidgeting.

Pharmacist, like Gunnar Müller from Detmold to challenge even a ban of the product in its current presentation, because it gives him and his colleagues is simply impossible to explain to the customer in the Shop, the correct application:

“The drug does not have a suitable dosing Pipette with the proper dosage (one drop) made safe and an Overdose can be safely avoided. The Pipette has, in particular, no grading.“

What is the danger of a wrong dosage?

With a strong dose of nose drops in infants and small children severe side effects to the respiratory arrest to occur. This risk already exists when the administration of two to three times a day one drop in each nostril. If by Mistake or intentionally, more will be given, increases the risk accordingly.

Although the nose drops are only to be locally administered and act, fear, the experts also systemic effects on the Central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Known Side Effects

  • Heart palpitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Hallucinations
  • Respiratory arrest