Season: beware of germs in your own garden pool!

Pools in the garden are becoming more and more popular. Earlier it was the for the most luxury, but now a lot of fun, thanks to the favourable offers in the DIY stores and the Internet affordable for many.

The splash home is fraught with a lack of Hygiene but health risks. For this reason, the professional Association of child and youth doctors in improved cleanliness of the garden pools on calls now.

The environment of the germs in the pool water

Bacteria do not get through the environment and through people in a natural way to the bath, the water itself, the.

"Environment, germs are really everywhere. In Pools, you can find conditions where you wohlfühlen", Dirk Bockmühl, Professor for Hygiene and Microbiology at Rhine-Waal University explains.

Pool over a longer period of time with the water filled in the garden, forming a high nucleation density. Of diseases, in particular, children, Pregnant women and seniors are affected.

Faecal bacteria around to trigger quick diarrhea if the water is swallowed during bathing on the swimming Pool. In addition, Salmonella and Pseudomonas (so-called puddle of germs) could be in the Pool of water detected, the pose, especially for a weakened Immune system, a danger.

Also, anyone who bathes with open wounds in verdrecktem of water, you risk infection.

Cleaning of swimming Pools with Filters or chlorine

"The bath water must haben&quot microbiologically almost drinking water quality;, the Professor explains. Therefore, private pools should be equipped from a certain pool size, with Filter or with chlorine-treated.

Those who opt for a chlorine treatment, should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Because it is not only too little, too much chlorine is harmful.

Children are in need of a paddling pool according to Bockmühl not with chlorine tablets to be treated. Here, the water can be easily replaced daily.

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