Recall: L-Thyrox Hexal 100 mcg printed incorrectly

The drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) informs in a urgent drug message about an error in the preparation of L-Thyrox HEXAL 100 mcg tablets, 100 PCs. In the case of the Batch KK2878 it came to a wrong identification.

Some of the blisters with a thickness of 25 micrograms (µg) instead of the actually contained 100 µg per tablet is incorrectly on the back printed. »All of the blisters contain tablets strength 100 µg«, it is in the quick information. As a “Blister” will be referred to the aluminum-foil-sealed plastic carrier, in which the tablets are sealed.

Due to the labelling error, the risk of accidental Overdose was. Thus, symptoms may occur, how they are typical of an Overactive thyroid, such as heart inner restlessness, Tremors, sleep disturbances lawn.

The AMK is asking for all stock Verification of the goods. Pharmacies and wholesalers need to lock the affected packages immediately prior to the sale. Pharmacies are asked to inform the patients concerned, as far as is known, that you have received a specimen of the concerned Batch. The initial delivery of the product concerned took place from the 27. March 2020. The product has the PZN 00811744. Batch: KK2878 (expiry 06/2021).

Patients who have a specimen of this Batch at home, apply directly to the pharmacist.


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