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Recall for olive paste, in the country of purchase started

Due to the risk of injury by potentially contained glass a in case of purchase of land displaced persons, the olive paste was recalled in fragments. Of the consumption is strongly discouraged. The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety has published a notice from the manufacturer.

The “Intercomm Foods S. A.” warns of possible injury risks in the consumption of the “EXQUISITE olive paste green olive paste 180 g” with the minimum durability date 10. October 2022, and the batch number L INF 283/19 XX:XX (all times). Was offered the Paste for the country of purchase in almost all of the länder.

“It cannot be excluded that in some of the jars of broken glass are included,” the justification for the current recall. In view of the possible risk of injury when consumed, consumers should refrain from consumers that have already purchased the product, strongly to the consumption. Purchase the country have responded immediately and the affected product from the sale, the notification of the manufacturer.

The affected olive paste can be returned in all Kaufland stores for a refund of the purchase price, even without presentation of the receipts, further reported to the manufacturer. For consumer inquiries, a toll-free Hotline under the number 0800 1528352 also available.

For this case of purchase of land displaced persons, the olive paste has currently started a recall action. (Image Source: Intercomm Foods S. A.)

What are the risks?

Depending on the size, texture and Material foreign to the body can cause many different injuries and discomfort, if they are chewed or swallowed. Shards of glass are to be assessed as particularly critical, as wounds in the mouth and throat and internal injuries cannot be ruled out. In addition, the foreign body can trigger inflammatory processes, if you put in the body.(fp)
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