Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence Explains Why She Won't Discuss Her Baby In Interviews

As she prepares to welcome her first baby, Jennifer Lawrence is also managing a return to public life after a few years spent away from the spotlight. Even though she’s promoting her upcoming Netflix movie, Don’t Look Up, it’s clear that protecting her family is top of mind for the 31-year-old Oscar winner, as she explained to Vanity Fair why she won’t be discussing her first child in interviews.

Serving as the magazine’s December cover star, Lawrence explained that she was “so nervous” about giving her first interview after a long break. Of her husband, art gallery director Cooke Maroney, and the couple’s soon-to-be first child, she said, “I haven’t spoken to the world in forever. And to come back now, when I have all of these new accessories added to my life that I obviously want to protect.”

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She declined to speak much about motherhood, other than sharing that she’s “grateful and excited.” But it seems her caution is a deliberate way to keep her family life as private as she possibly can as one of the most famous women in the world. “If I was at a dinner party, and somebody was like, ‘Oh, my God, you’re expecting a baby,’ I wouldn’t be like, ‘God, I can’t talk about that. Get away from me, you psycho!’” she said. “But every instinct in my body wants to protect their privacy for the rest of their lives, as much as I can. I don’t want anyone to feel welcome into their existence. And I feel like that just starts with not including them in this part of my work.”

It seems that several of Lawrence’s most difficult life experiences — including a near-death experience on an airplane that makes flying still feel difficult for her, Harvey Weinstein lying about sleeping with her, and her private nude photos having been leaked in 2014 — have all shaped the ways she wants to keep her growing family as safe as she can going forward. It’s surely a sentiment that all parents and parents-to-be can relate to, even if you’re not on the cover of glossy magazines.

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