People spray paint 'running lane' to ensure joggers maintain social distancing

Pedestrians in Bristol have spray painted a ‘runners lane’ on a street to make sure joggers stick to social distancing rules.

That’s a wise idea, considering how many more people seem to have taken up running since the UK lockdown came into effect – we’re so desperate to get out of the house we’re actually willing to exercise for the honour.

The UK lockdown rules currently state that people must stay at home unless they have to venture outside for essential needs, including work that cannot be done from home, shopping for food, and doing an hour of exercise once a day.

We haven’t yet reached the point of strict enforcing of such rules, such as is happening in Paris, where people are expected to reassure officials that if they’re caught outside they are exercising or doing something essential – often with an official form they’ve had to write out themselves.

People around the world are also encouraged to maintain social distancing, keeping two metres apart from any other person at all times.

That distance of course becomes trickier to maintain if everyone’s out running or strolling the streets or everyone heads to the same park.

Since isolation rules came in, there have been grumblings against joggers, with people accusing runners of sneaking past shoppers and essential workers too close, huffing out bacteria-ridden air with their heavy panting.

So to help make sure joggers and shoppers keep their distance – without the need for speedily racing across the road when you see someone jogging towards you – residents of Bristol have spray painted a runners lane on the ground.

The words ‘runners please’ have been sprayed on to one side of a one-way road on Avon Crescent.

The act seems to have been successful, as photos taken today show runners leaving a wide berth from walkers.

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