Organ failure is threatening: Many of the Corona-patients notice a lack of oxygen too late

In the hospitals of this world, the Doctors shake in amazement the head. Some of the Covid-19-patients “silence hypoxia” occurs, which is at first glance not recognizable, but dangerous, because the oxygen content in the blood decreases up to 50 percent.

A phenomenon many Physicians, the Covid-19 is preparing to-treat patients, headache: the Diseased, the appear at first glance to be stable, suffer from life threatening lack of oxygen – without you even realizing it.

Cardiologist Gustaf Edgren from Stockholm explained "Euronews": "The patients are objectively very sick. But at the same time you sit there with your phone or Laptop and write, almost in the Moment that we connect you to the ventilator."

How "CNN" reported to have arrived in the United States, some patients with a blood oxygen level of only 50 percent in the emergency room. So with such a low value that they would have to actually be unconscious. All oxygen values below 90% are abnormal.

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  • Corona-patients do not realize until late that you are very sick

    Richard Levitan says to "CNN", the Scans of the lungs of these patients showed signs of inflammation of the lungs, which were so strong that they would have to have terrible pain, when you do your next breath.

    "Your x-rays looked terrible, the oxygen content was terrible, and yet they are completely awake, look at your cell phone and all say they are for a couple of days krank", Levitan says.

    "And only recently they noticed either shortness of breath or fatigue or something Anderes", adds Levitan. "This is the Indescribable this disease – and also the Terrible." It is therefore so dangerous, because the Patient realizes only too late that he is very sick.

    Lack of oxygen: gravity of the situation is underestimated in many cases

    "Some of the need, ultimately, a Beatmungsgerät", so Levitan. "When the carbon dioxide content rises, it accumulates fluid in the air sacks and the lungs become stiff, resulting in failure to acute Respiratory."

    The Patients are quiet, almost untouched, at least it seems so. But actually, the lungs of the Covid-19-patients are damaged so hard, that you can get as good as no oxygen, and under normal circumstances not more in the case of consciousness would be. Ultima Hora Corona staff in the use in the hospital.

    In many cases, the seriousness of the situation is underestimated by patients, families and hospital staff. How comes this phenomenon? A theory stating that the Affected accumulate as much carbon dioxide as other patients with shortness of breath.  

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    Lack of oxygen to heart attacks, kidney and brain

    But carbon dioxide is the substance in the blood that signals to the brain that Breathing is difficult. Due to the halving of the oxygen content in the blood, many patients double their breathing rate without the faster breathing is really aware of.

    In the meantime, the body adapts slowly to the lower Oxygen levels, similar to that of a Person who climbs a high mountain. Until the Covid-19-come Ill with damaged lungs, to the hospital, the body has gotten used already.

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    The damage is already entered. The lung is attacked not only difficult, the lack of oxygen may have spread to other organs in the body such as the heart, kidneys and the brain. Thus, a &quot could;silence Hypoxie" also be the reason why some of the younger Covid-19 patients died suddenly, after they had no serious difficulty in breathing.

    Worldwide studies are currently underway to explain this phenomenon. Until then, Doctors advise caution. Cardiologist Edgren explained: "So, if you have even small efforts more breathing problems than usual, then you better call a doctor."

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