No mask, no distance: the Berlin celebration Mega Party

The Coronavirus pandemic holds the entire world in suspense: more than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 181.765 of them so far in Germany.

No mask, no distance: the Berlin celebration Mega Party

Because music events are being said still, yesterday was a "Wasserdemo" on Berlin’s landwehrkanal canal, called – a call that many have followed. In the call, it was "Thus, it is not a super-spreader Event, we would like to ask you necessarily about face coverings to take to keep distance from each other and to nehmen&quot in each boat to a maximum of members of 2 the house and make communities on Board;. Pictures of the event does not show, however, that many of the participants stopped at this Please, so hardly anyone is wearing a face mask and also the minimum distance is not adhered to the stand.

After a week-long Corona-restriction, there are demonstrations in Berlin this weekend, no limited number of participants is more. For Saturday larger are logged according to police, several dozen demonstrations, including now. So far, only 100 people were allowed to – with a distance, together demonstrate. The red-red-green Senate had decided to set the easing on Thursday.

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