Mysterious new Virus in China: WHO convenes emergency Committee

The world health organization (WHO) has convened because of the new type of lung disease in China, its emergency Committee.

The experts will advise on Wednesday about whether a health emergency, to call, such as the WHO reported on Monday. These independent experts will also recommend measures, if any, should be taken.

The Chinese authorities had reported on Monday that the disease could be transmitted from person to person. The number of confirmed infections rose to around 220. Another Patient died. Three deaths are known, such as the health authority of the Central Chinese city of Wuhan reported.

Coronavirus has already been demonstrated in several countries

For the first time, infection with the Coronavirus in several other locations, were detected both in the North and in the South of China. In addition, there is evidence in humans in Thailand, Japan and South Korea, previously in Wuhan. In Europe no traveller introduced cases have been known.

The WHO calls an international health emergency, we recommend you to stronger measures to combat the disease. This includes, among other things, border controls, the Setting up of specialised treatment centres or possible vaccination of healthcare professionals can belong to.

Experts: disease spread already known much more than before

Analyses of the genome had revealed to the Berliner virus researcher Christian Drosten, according to that it is the causative agent of a Sars-variant. A Sars Virus had died of China, starting in 2002/2003, a worldwide pandemic with 8000 Infected result, about 800 people.

Experts at the Imperial College London believe that the new disease is much more common than previously known. According to your extrapolation, there could be more than 1700 Infected. "Such estimates are always large uncertainties behaftet", Drosten said. "In the core I believe but in these Figures."

First infections with the fish market in connection

The first infections are associated with a now-closed fish market in Wuhan in connection, also wild animals were sold. Also, the Sars causative agent of 2002/2003 was ignited probably by a wild animal on the people, adopted source of civets.

The Chinese authorities already have a hypothesis of what species of animal the new pathogen could be spread to the people, had the virus, explains researcher Drosten recently. "But it is announced officially, and when it is secured."

Viruses can cause Respiratory disease

Corona viruses often cause harmless illnesses like colds, but also pathogens include dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers. Sars stands for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", so Severe Acute respiratory syndrome. In the case of the Sars-pandemic in 2002/2003, the outbreak was covered up initially, which prevents a quick reaction and dissemination would have facilitated.

With the current travel boom to the Chinese new year festival next Saturday, the risk of Transmission of the Virus to grow. At the largest annual migration, several Hundred million Chinese are on the move. Asian neighbors, and several airports in other countries around the world have introduced because of the new lung disease, in the meantime, fever checks when entering the country from Wuhan.

The world health organization has so far uttered not a travel warning for tourists. The American health authority CDC advised travelers to Wuhan, only to avoid animal markets and contact with animals or sick persons.

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