Mother goes with Corona is suspected of being in the hospital and receiving a blood cancer diagnosis

Because she was afraid of the Coronavirus infected, went to Kathrin glasses to the hospital. The shock diagnosis followed: she suffers from blood cancer. Now the mother of twins, and urgently needs a stem cell donor.

A hospital visit should change everything. After Kathrin glasses (33) from Mämbris in Bavaria in mid-March, started to feel unwell, trying the mother of twins to get a doctor’s appointment. Because of the Corona-crisis that turned out to be not so easy, as the 33-Year-old the “Bild”newspaper reported.

Glasses complained of diarrhea, Nausea, and fever. Easy to the doctor was because of the pandemic, is not possible. So she tried to reach for the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern (KVB), a doctor, what worked. So, a doctor came to glasses home and took a swab. “I asked him, my spleen sample, because they hurt insanely. At the end came out, that it is greatly enlarged,” says the mother of two of the “image”.

Out of concern she went to the hospital – that’s where the shock diagnosis followed

Out of concern she went self-employed in a hospital. Before the examination, a Doctor &apos have;Suspected Corona' on the Treatment written. But it should all come out in a different way: “The blood Test showed that I was not Corona, but cancer of the blood.” Time to digest the shock, had glasses not for a long time: “Still of the night I got my first Chemo tablets,” she says of the “image”.

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Kathrin Gläsers man suffers from a serious auto-immune disease that causes his muscles gradually break down. One of their children is paralyzed since the birth of cross-section and is seated in a wheelchair.

"I want my children to grow up sehen"

The only therapy that can prevent that the children have to grow up without their mother, is a stem cell therapy. Types are currently because of the Corona pandemic is not possible. Who wants to help can, however, on the Website of the DKMS as potential donors to register. “I want to see my children grow up,” says glasses “image”. “A matching donor would give me a second life.”

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