Mask of denial in the air: women need to pay 1000 Euro fine

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Corona-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: retired couple faces up to 25,000 Euro fine due to Corona-violation (13.05 PM) In St. Wolfgang rolls to the Corona cases, the cancellation wave (12.43 p.m.) Corona-the outbreak at a grocery store in Berlin (11.51 am) Vietnam flies to 80,000 holidaymakers from (11.18 PM)

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Mask of denial in the air: women need to pay 1000 Euro fine

Two women have refused to wear on the plane, a mask, and therefore the 1000 Euro fine is paid. During the flight from Budapest to Munich, the Board staff have asked the 37-year-old twin sisters several times, a mouth-nose-covering up, police said on Monday. According to the statements of the flight attendants showed you instead of the cabin-in-chief the middle finger. After landing in Munich on Friday, the police took the sisters at the airport in reception. After the women had paid the fine, they were allowed to go. However, a criminal case for insult of you are still waiting for.

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