Martins Licis Coached Action Bronson Through a Punishing Deadlift Workout

In a new video on his YouTube channel, former World’s Strongest Man title holder Martins Licis is joined by one of his new favorite gym buddies, rapper Action Bronson, for a pulling day training session. “Hopefully I’ll get to kick his ass this time, because last time he destroyed me,” says Licis, referring to how he was left struggling to breathe after attempting one of the intense workouts Bronson has been using to sustain his recent weight loss.

The pair are also joined by jiu jitsu legend Orlando Sanchez and fighter Big Boy. And true to his word, Bronson has been working on improving his mobility since he last attempted a strongman workout with Licis. “I got full range, full everything,” he says.

Licis warms everybody up with ladder drills before the first event in the workout;
farmers carries. They add more and more weight to each round, eventually hauling loads of 260 pounds across the gym and back, before moving onto deadlifts.

“These deadlifts are gonna suck,” says Licis, explaining that the focus will be on control, with explosive motion on the way up, then a slowed-down, 5-second eccentric lowering motion. “We’re not allowed to make a sound when it hits the ground,” he adds. “So pure control.”

Again, they increase the weight with each set of lifts, moving up to 385 pounds, then finally 500 pounds. While Licis is able to pull at this weight, Bronson can’t, and the strongman advises him to adjust his technique. “You put your hips back, but you never want to let your chest drop,” he says. “I always try to grab the bar and then push in as I’m rising with my chest… I don’t want your hips to rise quicker than your chest.”

With the deadlift portion of the workout done, they then apply the same principle to bodyweight exercises, performing pullups with a slow, controlled 5-second descent on each rep.

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