Lockdown diet: Feel sluggish and have digestive troubles? Avoid these foods

Take a look at what have you been consuming while at home.

Have you been paying attention to your diet during the lockdown and staying away from deep fried items and sugar cravings? If not, then that could be why you have been experiencing digestive troubles and sluggishness, among other issues. It is extremely important that you eat healthy and maintain a fitness routine while at home. Highlighting these issues and also suggesting ways to overcome troubles like constipation and gas, dietitian Lavleen Kaur mentioned food items that one must avoid during lockdown days.

Take a look at her video below:

Maida or refined flour

Maida-based products like biscuits and noodles lack fibre and are difficult to digest for the body. In fact, they even lead to a spike in the body’s blood sugar level owing to its high glycemic Index (GI), which may also lead to insulin resistance. It also increases the level of bad cholesterol, which is why it is best avoided by blood pressure and heart patients. Consuming too much refined flour has also been linked with obesity as it increases hunger pangs throughout the day which often leads to unhealthy snacking. Instead, one can opt for whole grains like jowar, bajra and ragi that have high fibre content, aid in the digestion process while also keeping one fuller for longer.

Excess of white sugar

Considering the reduced physical activity these days, it is a good practice to cut down on unnecessary sugar-intake wherever possible. If you have sugar cravings, Kaur suggested opting for “homemade, traditional sugar-based sweets” like laddoos, besan barfi, Punjabi pooda or kheer instead of baked products like cakes or desserts. This will ensure you feel lighter. If you still have sugar cravings right after meal times, you can opt for jaggery or saunf.

Deep-fried foods

Oil-based or deep-fried foods such as chips and French fries are best avoided. The oil deposits or trans fats raise bad cholesterol levels, lower good cholesterol levels, and increase the chances of heart diseases. Besides, it leads to increased calorie intake.

Processed foods

It is best to avoid packet-based processed foods including biscuits (even digestive ones) and noodles, suggested Kaur. These foods contain large amounts of preservatives, sodium (salt) and sugar and trans fats, and tend to be low in vitamins and minerals and lead to weight gain. Instead of storing them in the pantry, opt for homemade fresh foods and snacks.

Aerated drinks

While a lot of us have kept cartons of packaged and canned juices, it is not a good idea, suggested Kaur. Aerated drinks and juices have high amounts of hidden sugars that may even lead to issues like insulin-resistance. Instead eat fresh fruits, have fresh juices or other traditional drinks to keep the energy levels up.

She also suggested some simple self-care tips:

*Keep moving after every 30-40 minutes
*Keep yourself busy other than being in front of screens including mobile and TV.
*Exercise and meditation is necessary — for 30-45 minutes — to increase immunity.
*Let your body feel fresh. Have a bath everyday. Clean your room. Keep the environment clean.

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