Kelly Clarkson has lost 20 pounds: So, the singer now holds your weight

Model dimensions had Kelly Clarkson never. From the Hollywood ideal of beauty, the blonde did nothing, they showed up with Extra Kilos is always self-aware. Therefore, it is even more surprising that the singer has lost 20 pounds! However, compared to‘Extra‘betrayed Klarkson Behind the enormous weight loss is a thyroid disease is. Instead of groping around in the yo-yo trap that keeps the 36-Year-old but your weight. With the so-called lectin diet.

Kelly Clarkson puts on the lectin diet

“It’s basically about how we cook our food. Without genetically modified food, without pesticides, is really biologically essen", the singer explains. In the transition to lectin free diet you have helped, especially the book ‘The Planning Paradox‘ by Steven R. Gundry, a cardiologist from the USA.

What Lectins are?

These are proteins which are found mostly in plants, for example, in tomato, eggplant and legumes. Lectins can also be of animal origin. To dispense completely of the proteins that is hardly possible, since they are included in many foods.

Healthy weight loss with the lectin diet

Gundry, according to the plant zerklebt active ingredient in the gut and weakens the immune system. Therefore, the cardiologist recommends the lectin diet.

In this diet you eliminate those vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes or eggplant, in which this Protein is. Or you processed it in a way that it is destroyed. In raw beans, for example, are particularly contain a lot of Lectins and should be cooked that is why before consumption. Scientists argue, however, about the health effect of the lectin free diet.

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