How to combat ransomware: Before, during, and after

As data professionals we need to constantly review and reduce our exposure to malware and other threats. This is best achieved by adopting a multi-level approach to data protection.  During this podcast, Andy Stone, CTO Pure Storage – Americas discusses how Pure Storage can help companies to stay ready and bounce back from a ransomware attack.

Before: Stay head of attackers with a resilient architecture

  • With Pure Storage products, you can run fast analytics on a consolidated data hub to detect hacker anomalies early, before a hacker encrypts and launches an attack

During: Lock things down with immutable snapshots

  • While the intruder can still gain access and encrypt your data, Pure SafeMode locks and protects data, so they cant be deleted, giving you peace of mind.

After: Make every second count

  •  When disaster strikes, bringing systems back online quickly and at scale is imperative. Pure FlashBlade//S™ provides petabyte-scale recovery that’s up to 3x faster than competitive offerings.

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