Germany in a state of emergency: What you need to know now to the Corona location

Bars, sporting events cancelled, entry bans in the EU and nation-wide school closures – the measures to the Coronavirus is from the curb, are currently in use in Germany and other EU countries, strict. FOCUS Online gives an Overview.

To combat the Coronavirus is also used in Germany to more stringent measures. In Berlin , for example, were "from sofort" all public and non-public events from 50 persons prohibited. Pubs, Bars, game halls and Clubs had to close.

Also cinemas, theatres and concert halls are not allowed to open. The sports operating in public and private sports facilities in Berlin, and is prohibited. Swimming pools and fitness studios have to close their doors. Also, patients may receive in a hospital not visiting more – the exception are such sick people under 16 years of age and Severely.

Also, Cologne has of Sunday at all events be prohibited. "We are any events in Cologne city area up to and including 10.4.2020 untersagen", city Director Stephan Keller said. "This prohibition also applies to communities for worship services and other events of religion." Would close all the cinemas and theatres, as well as Discos, Clubs and Bars, which offer music and dance events.

School closures in the whole of the Federal Republic of

All Federal States have already committed to larger assemblies. Monday will also be closed everywhere in Germany, schools and daycare centers, the children have to be mostly cared for at home.

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In the meantime, all länder have decided to close the schools or the regular operation to suspend. In 13 States the schools are made across the Board tightly. Saxony wants to first be prepared to suspend the school’s obligation to give teachers, students and parents time to focus on school closures. Brandenburg consists of the regular school classes starting on Wednesday. School attendance is thus further possible, but not mandatory. A similar scheme exists in the state of Hesse.

Overview of the regulation in the States

  • Baden-Württemberg, closes Tuesday at all schools and day-care centres until the end of the Easter holidays (19. April).
  • Bavaria, from Monday, 16. In March, all schools, kindergartens and day-care centres density – up to 20. April.
  • Berlin schools and day-care centres are next week, closed. The beginning of the upper stage centers on Monday. From Tuesday to the General schools to be closed until the end of the Easter holidays.
  • In Brandenburg, to the regular school starting on Wednesday for the time being exposed to be.
  • In Bremen will be closed from Monday, 16. In March, all schools and day care centers.
  • In Hamburg remain in the schools after spring break until the 29th. March closed. In addition, the rule is set for operation in the day-care centres.
  • In Hessen, is regarded as of Monday no teaching obligation. Up to the Easter holidays no classes are held and more. The schools remain open.

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  • From Monday to stay in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, schools and day care centers nationwide will be closed.
  • Also lower Saxony closes Monday to all the schools and day-care centres for the next five weeks until 18. April. High school graduates are already from the age of 15. April back to school-apply!
  • In North Rhine-Westphalia will be closed from Monday, 16. In March, all schools and day care centers up to the Easter holidays.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate includes more than 2500 nurseries and around 1600 schools. Supervision and instruction of the Easter holidays to stay until the end of the 17. April set
  • The Saarland has announced that the country’s schools and day-care centres from Monday, 16. March until the end of the Easter holidays and will be closed.
  • Saxony maps from next Monday , a school free time for public schools. The children can therefore remain at home, care in schools will be ensured. A school shall not be required.
  • Saxony-Anhalt includes, from Monday to schools and nurseries throughout the country to 13. April.
  • Schools and nurseries in Schleswig-Holstein to stay from Monday until the 19th century. April closed.
  • In Thuringia, starting Tuesday, all schools and day care centers closed.

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Countries want to provide emergency care

The countries tried to Notbetreuungen on the legs to make. It is all about, that parents can go in so-called critical Occupations, such as police, fire, nursing or ambulance service to continue to work.

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The Federal Ministry of labour (BMAS) called on all employers to find pragmatic solutions with their employees. On the closure of schools and kindergartens could be responded to with a home office, creative working-time models, the use of vacation and working-time accounts, a spokesman said.

What are the travel restrictions and warnings, are there?

Also, more and more entry stops can be imposed and it further Corona added-risk areas. As an international risk. areas, and particularly affected regions in Germany are referred to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) according to such, &quot…where continued Transmission from person to person (…) be presumed to be kann".

As international Corona-risk areas, the RKI (as at 15.03 names.)

  • Italy
  • Iran
  • Hubei province, including the city of Wuhan in China
  • Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang) in South Korea
  • Region Grand-Est in France (part of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne)
  • Tirol in Austria
  • Madrid in Spain

As a particularly affected area in Germany, according to the RKI currently, only the district of Heinsberg in NRW.

EU member States impose increased entry stops

Europe, according to the world health organization (WHO), now in the world the most difficult of the Coronavirus pandemic-affected Region in the world.

Countries such as Denmark, Poland,the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria have entry stops for foreigners imposed. Also Germany can be strengthened to control, among other things, on the border with France. Each state has its own rules, part entry is allowed only according to their nationality, regardless of the risk of infection with the Coronavirus.

The Switzerland takes on its borders – also to Germany – back controls. The Turkey as a precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus flights to Germany and eight other European countries in temporarily.

Norway wants to from Monday, all the foreigners at the borders, reject, Latvia starting from Tuesday, the international passenger traffic to a complete suspend.

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    Also Lithuania for two weeks under quarantine. The the Cabinet decided in Vilnius on Saturday evening. The measure applies from Monday and includes the closing of borders to foreigners.

    With the establishment of a restricted zone for the whole of Catalonia wants the Region to the North-East of Spain, the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic fight. The more effective combating of the epidemic imposed by Spain on a two-week so-called state of alarm, which runs on the restriction of the freedom of movement throughout the country and beyond.

    Because of the continuing spread of the Coronavirus in Europe in France on Sunday afternoon, all of the ski resorts are closed. "The ski season ends today. All the operators have in the past night the instructions of your respective organization erhalten", informed the national Association of ski lift operators Domaines skiables de France (DSF) on Sunday in the short message service Twitter. Even where it is allowed, will always travel less attractive: The Paris Louvre Museum and the Eiffel tower, for example.

    Travellers returning from Italy, Austria and Switzerland to put himself in quarantine

    In the light of the Corona pandemic in Germany, all travellers returning from Italy, Austria and Switzerland, according to the recommendation of the Federal Ministry of health, Jens Spahn, even in quarantine issued. "If you were within the last 14 days in Italy, in Switzerland or in Austria: Avoid unnecessary contact and stay two weeks to Hause", wrote Spahn and his Ministry on Friday evening, respectively, on Twitter. This was "regardless of whether you have symptoms or nicht".

    Previously, Isolation was recommended primarily just for people, the symptoms of a Covid-19-disease, such as fever show. Especially in Italy and Switzerland, the disease spreads rapidly in Austria, especially the Austrian province of Tyrol is concerned.

    Infections Lodge gives the all-clear: “Many of the children are infected, but the course is mild”

    PCP infection Loge gives the all-clear: “Many of the children are infected, but the course is mild”