Flu vaccination in pharmacies in the autumn?

The vaccination rates for the flu are far below the recommendations of Doctors. Pharmacies to help to improve the vaccination rate. The Federal chamber of pharmacists has now published a guideline and the required training content.

"So far, only about 35 percent of German citizens are vaccinated from the age of 60 against the flu. Desirable 75 Prozent&quot would be;, Dr. Andreas Kiefer, President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. "So there remains much still to do. Pharmacies could complement as a low-threshold point of contact currently available to protect the physician practices and the vaccination rate will improve."

Since March 2020, the pharmacist may vaccinate by law in the framework of the model projects of the Statutory health insurance Insured against the flu. Model projects are already in different States in planning. This week, the BAK has adopted a guideline and supporting Material for the training. "The guideline of the BAK is the scientific basis for contracts Pilotprojekte", pine explained. The contracts with the health insurance companies negotiate meanwhile, the associations of Pharmacists at the country level. When these are completed quickly and the training for the pharmacist now on the projects, could first model to match to the beginning of the Impfsaison in the autumn of start. The chamber of pharmacists Westphalia-Lippe, for example, intends to offer the training as quickly as possible and is confident that a fast Start-up succeed.

The international experiences have been positive: "Flu vaccinations by pharmacists have proved their worth in several other countries, for example in France, the United Kingdom and in Portugal", notify the BAK.


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