Donations of over 500,000 euros: cancer-sick Boy gets life-saving surgery

The 5-year-old Oscar from Worcester (England) is already sick for the second Time with leukemia. Only the participation in a clinical study in Singapore, can save the life of the young. Through a fundraising campaign over 500,000 euros for Oscar were collected.

Already at the beginning of the year, Oscar received a life-saving stem cell transplant. However, the cancer only a few months later came back. The only Chance the Boy has, is the participation in the study in Singapore, reported the Worcester News. In this, the participants of the so-called CAR T-cell therapy. The patient T to be taken from cells in the lab from genetically modified and artificially on the cancer to be trained. In the best case, the body develops a long-lasting immune response against the cancer. To be able to study Finance, started his parents, Olivia and Jamie a fundraiser.

“We want to thank you”

Within a month, more than 500,000 euros were raised for Oscar. “We are overwhelmed. It was poignant to, such as schools, businesses, citizens and even children give their Best, to help us,“ said Oscar’s mother, Olivia. His father, Jamie, added: “We want all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support, thank you.”

“Through the donations, everything will go fast”

In the meantime, enough donations were collected to Finance Oscar’s participation in the study. His Doctors will now have to wait for some test results that will determine the next steps. Jamie said: “The team of Doctors developed a treatment plan for Oscar. Thanks to the donations, everything will go very quickly.“

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