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Vegetarian people are less extroverted than meat-eaters

Numerous studies have shown that people who eat a vegetarian diet, are healthier than those who eat meat. In addition, Vegetarians are vegetarians usually slimmer. Now, Researchers report that the plant-based diet is also associated with a lower tendency to Extroversion.

Plant-based diet is healthy: According to scientific studies, vegetarians suffer from indoor and vegetarians have less high blood pressure, your cholesterol levels are better, and you will not fall ill so often, is the Diabetes. In addition, you have less weight problems, as now a new study shows again. Not only that: The researchers also discovered a connection between this diet and the personality.

About six million German vegetarian

According to a survey by the Allensbach Institute in the past year, more than 6.1 million people in Germany gave to a vegetarian, 400,000 people for more than two years previously.

A communication according to a large-scale study at the Max-Planck – Institute for human cognitive and brain Sciences (MPI CBS) in collaboration with the University hospital of Leipzig has now examined nearly 9,000 people, as this Form of diet with the body and the Psyche hangs together – regardless of age, gender and education.

A lower BMI in the reduction of animal food


The results showed that the less the proportion of animal food is on the menu of a Person, the lower their Body Mass Index (BMI) and your body weight is in the cut.

As the communication explains, could be a cause of the lower share of highly processed food in the plant-based diet.

“Thick fat, especially excessively – and sugar-rich products. They stimulate the appetite and delay the feeling of satiety. You eliminate animal foods, take less of such products,” explains Evelyn Medawar, first author of the underlying publication that was recently published in the journal “Nutrients”.

Vegetarian food contain more dietary fiber

Vegetarian food contain fibre and have a positive impact on the Microbiome in the gut. Also, you could make more saturated than those from animal ingredients.

“People who eat mainly plant-based, therefore perhaps less energy,” says Medawar. In addition to a change in the feeling of satiety, also lifestyle factors like more exercise and a higher health consciousness could play a crucial role.

For the BMI, it seems to make a difference, what are the animal products people eat.


There are mainly so-called primary animal products, i.e. meat, sausage and fish, the Person usually has a higher BMI than someone who eats primarily secondary animal products, i.e. eggs, milk, milk products, cheese and Butter. In the former case, the connection is according to the researchers, is statistically significant.

Medawar makes an example of what that could mean for the nutrition: “the fact That a Person had a 1.2 points lower BMI, meant on average, that they waived certain animal products, such as the primary, and vegetarian fed. Or that they even still meat and fish eating, this is but rarely done.“

Whether, ultimately, the diet is the cause of a lower body weight or other factors are responsible, on the basis of the data, however, does not say. Information should now bring a follow-up study, in collaboration with the University hospital.

Connection between nutrition and personality

In addition, the researchers found out that a vegetarian or vegan diet also has to do with the personality. Especially with one of the big five personality factors of Extroversion.

According to the figures, showed that people with a predominantly plant-based foods are on the menu more introverted than those who ate primarily animal products.

“Why is that, is hard to say,” said Veronica Witte. “It could be due to the fact that introvertiertere people tend to that have more restrictive eating habits or due to your Eating behaviour, stronger social delimit.”


Here, too, scientific investigations would have to follow, such as people with the characteristics of their diet identified.

That plant-based diet with neurotic behavior goes hand in hand, as would other studies suggest, could not confirm the experts from the MPI CBS, however.

“Earlier analyses had found that neuro-tischere people omit generally more common among certain groups of foods and to the effect of restrictive behavior. We focused here only on the renunciation of animal products, and could observe no correlation,“ says study leader Veronica Witte.

No connection with depression

In a third part, the research team finally went to the question of whether a predominantly plant-based diet is associated more frequently with symptoms of depression. Here also, previous studies had creates a relationship between the two factors close to.

“Also we couldn’t see,” says Witte. “There may be other factors had to be blurred in previous analyses, the results, including BMI or eye-catching personality characteristics known to be associated with Depression together may be related. The we were expecting.“

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