Danger due to plastic parts: Andechser Bio-grater returns to nationwide cheese

The Andechser Molkerei Scheitz is calling your product “Andechser Natur organic back RUB cheese” nationwide. As the company informs, can contain blue, very small plastic parts in the product. It will be sold, among other things, in the case of Rewe, but also for other food retailers, as well as in health food stores.

In the bags are very small, about 3.2 mm wide pieces could be blue plastics included. It was the consumption risk of injury. First of all, the Portal &quot had;product warning.eu" reported.

Bio-grated cheese from andechs can be returned

Be affected, therefore, the following Batch:

Product: Andechser Natur Organic Grated Cheese
Packing unit: 150g pouch
Minimum durability date: 03. April 2020

Consumers who have purchased the affected product can give this in your market. You of the purchase price will be refunded. Other minimum shelf-life data, as well as other products of the brand Andechser nature were not affected, the report says.

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