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Dairy products protect bones?

Dairy products offer women during the Transition into the menopause, when bone loss is accelerated, only a little Benefit in terms of bone mineral density and prevention of bone fractures.

In an evaluation of the data from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) has not been established that dairy products contribute to the protection of bones in women in Menopause. The results of the new study were published in the journal “Menopause”.

What was studied?

The new study examined specifically the effects of consumption of dairy products on bone mineral density of femur and spine. It is one of the few studies devoted to the effects of consumption of dairy products on bone loss and fracture risk of a woman during the Transition into menopause.

Dairy products are good for the bones?

Dairy products provide more bone-promoting nutrients than any other food group, report the researchers. Children will often recommended to drink milk, because more than twelve essential nutrients are included, which promote bone mineralization. These include nutrients, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, and high-quality protein for example. So it would be likely that dairy products also protect the bones of women during the Transition into menopause.

Menopause accelerate bone loss

In women the bone loss with menopause, which can lead to osteoporosis accelerates. As the two largest risk factors for osteoporosis (age and sex) are beyond the control of a woman, the search for modifiable risk factors is particularly important. By such modifiable risk factors could slow down the irreversible, age-related, progressive, degenerative skeletal disease, which women are more prone to bone fractures make, stress the researchers.

Measures for the protection of the bone

In contrast to dairy products, regular physical activity can get clearly contribute to bone strength, so the research team. Activities that improve strength and balance, such as Yoga and Tai Chi, can also help to prevent falls, stress the researchers (as)