Coronavirus: more Dangerous than the flu

The novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is more easily transferable than the flu and caused significantly more severe disease courses. The President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has and uses clear words to the people: those Who have not understood the seriousness of the Situation, should please open your eyes.

The Numbers to the spread of the Coronavirus clearly show how serious the situation is. "Europe, shows now the most intense Geschehen", Wieler said. In Italy, France and Spain, the Infection are on the increase by leaps and bounds. "We are at the beginning of a Epidemie", Wieler said. "If you imagine a curve, we are left at the bottom." He appealed to the reason of all, to take the Situation seriously. You can slow down the spread of the pathogen only, if all stick to the rules.

Seriousness of the situation untersch&auml is still;tzt

A week ago, large parts of the population were not willing to reduce their social contacts. A study by Bitkom, according to the of 11. 15. March was carried out, showed that Only four out of ten respondents met less frequently with friends or Relatives. Only every Second to avoid it, to go out unnecessarily on the road, avoided at least 46 percent of the public transport. According to the survey, every fourth Respondent thought, however, that the measures taken for panic. After the social contacts have now been limited on the part of the government, could be of this opinion, in the meantime, however, different.

Gefälegitimate than the flu

Many people hear also still frequently the statement, the new lung disease Covid-19 was also not flu more dangerous than a virus. Both diseases, however, differ significantly, said Wieler. For a Covid is-19 is significantly more contagious than the flu, on the other, the Rates of patients who are severely Ill, on ventilator requiring patients and the mortality rate were higher. This is a whole other Dimension. "If there are still people who do not want to believe, I would like to ask you to open the eyes for the Realität", Wielers appeal was.


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