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Reproduction rate decreased again to below 1.0

UPDATE 29.04.2020: After in the RKI daily report from the 27.April 2020, an increase in the reproduction rate (R) of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 to 1.0 was recorded, fell R again the next day to 0.9. According to the RKI, a natural variation is subject to the value. Since he is at 27.04. 0,96 fraud, he was rounded up to 1.0 up. On the following day he rounded back below 0.95 and therefore was.

COVID-19-infection rate in Germany has risen

After the so-called reproduction rate (R) of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was reduced in the last few weeks, is pleased to announce the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for the first time, a slight increase to R=1.0. At this rate of reproduction, the COVID-19 epidemic is waning, according to RKI.

156.337 COVID-19-diseases of the RKI on 28. April 2020 is known. 5931 deaths are in Germany currently, in conjunction with a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Approximately 117.400 persons are considered to be recovered. Based on the number of inhabitants one finds the highest infection density in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, the Saarland and Hamburg.

What is the reproduction rate says?

In a current situation report, the RKI announced that the reproduction rate (R) increases to a downward Trend again for the first time. On 27.04.2020 the RKI determined the value of R=1.0. The Rate is regarded as a measure of whether the epidemic takes to travel or flattens. This is the amount of people, which infect an infected Person. In the case of R=1, a Diseased to a further Person. In the case of R=2, a Ill put two more on, etc. – decreases this value below 1.0, the epidemic starts to flatten out. Than 1.0, you are accelerating.

The first increase since the beginning of March

At the beginning of March 2020 R was according to the RKI at around 3.0. Under this value an exponential growth of the new is cases. Such a growth is beyond, sooner or later, the possibilities of the health system. The measures taken this number up to the 08 could. April will be reduced to 1.3. Due to the increased contact restrictions R then decreased to 0.9, whereby the epidemic was slowing. Now, an ascending Trend is observed for the first time again.

Wieler: “The success must be defended.”

Due to the increase in RKI-President Lothar Wieler of the population appealed to keep to the measures taken. Germany been relatively well through the Corona of a pandemic. A quick loosening could make the success come to naught. Therefore, it was necessary to remain at home, to keep a distance and to comply with the Mask requirement.

People over 70 years are particularly at risk of

The stock report gives also an Overview of the distribution of the COVID-19-diseases in Germany. Most of the COVID-19-Affected (67 per cent) are between 15 and 59 years of age. Women and men are almost affected equally often (52 to 48 percent). 19 percent of the infection affect people over 70 years of age and 87 per cent of all deaths are in this age group. (vb)