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COVID-19: More neurological symptoms than previously thought

Among the keynotes of a COVID-19-disease, dry cough and fever. In addition, it was also reported neurological complaints such as taste and olfactory dysfunction. Two recent studies, in which data of data subjects from Wuhan were evaluated, showed that neurological complaints and complications in connection with COVID-19 occur more frequently than previously thought.

International Researchers are reporting that approximately every third SARS-CoV-2 infection neurological symptoms associated. In addition, it was found in every fifth surveyed Covid-19-the case of death, a severe neurological complication in the Form of a hypoxic encephalopathy. The results of the study were published in the renowned journal “The BMJ” and on the medical Preprint-Server “medRxiv”.

Damage to the brain every fifth COVID-19 death case

In a recently published study, a cohort of 799 COVID-19-patients in the Tongji hospital, was analyzed in Wuhan. The aim of the study a delimitation of the clinical characteristics of fatal geendeten Covid was to create 19 cases. 113 of the people in the cohort died of COVID-19. The analysis showed, among other things, that every fifth death case, a hypoxic encephalopathy (brain damage) was diagnosed.

Neurological complaints in viral infections is not uncommon

The German Ärtzeblatt reported that it is not uncommon that respiratory viral infections, such as Influenza, also cause neurological complaints. So the corona virus were not associated in infections with other in circulation rarely neurological symptoms. Some studies suggest that pathogens such as SARS and MERS also infect the brain. For the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 this is not documented yet.

Neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19

Many patients with COVID-19 reports about olfactory dysfunction, and changes in Taste. Now a Chinese research team from Huazhong University (Wuhan) reported in another study that neurological symptoms can be a direct or indirect result of an infection. The researchers believe that it is very likely that COVID-19 pulls the Central nervous system affected.

What are the neurological symptoms occurred?

So the Team of head of research Huijuan Jin to the medical records of 214 COVID-19-patients and in-patients showed that every third Person who contracted the disease reported neurological Symptoms. Therefore, 16.8 percent of those Affected suffered from dizziness, 13.1 percent among headache, of 5.6 percent, taste disturbances, and 5.1 percent among olfactory dysfunction.