Corona outbreak after worship Hanau’s Lord mayor is outraged

After a worship service in a congregation of Baptists in Frankfurt, at least 107 people have been infected with the Coronavirus. The Minister of health, Kai Klose (Green) announced on Sunday in Wiesbaden. Hanau’s mayor is outraged after the incident.

The people lived in Frankfurt and three other Hessian administrative districts. The service was already around two weeks ago. First of all, the talk had been of more than 40 Infected.

26 Infected live in the wetteraukreis, as the circular announced on Sunday, and 17 in Hanau, Germany, as it was called by the city. In addition, there is the Ministry, according to a number of cases in the high Taunus district. Possibly also other counties would be affected, said a Ministry spokeswoman. The exact number is not fixed yet.

Hanau’s Lord mayor Claus Kaminsky (SPD), criticized the flow of information to happen the Infection. "The borders of organized irresponsibility." He requested information from the competent Authorities, the Department of health of the Main-Kinzig-district and the country. Minister Klose said: "This Situation shows how important it is that we all – especially during the relaxations, which are now made possible again – remain vigilant and not reckless." Because: "The Virus is still there and wants to spread."

Rene Gottschalk, head of the health Department of the city of Frankfurt, said about the Frankfurt cases: "The vast majority of them are not sick. To our knowledge, only one Person is in a hospital." The individual cases were tracked. "We have a good grip on." How the 17 Infected in Hanau, not, know, he told Daniel Freimuth from the crisis staff of the city.

The case could have a much larger scope than previously thought. So the circle alone were sent in the wetterau in connection with the 26 Infected 76 people in quarantine, as the circle on Sunday announced.

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