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University video illustrates why the distance is important

A German research team made visible what remains hidden to the human eye. By using so-called schlieren mirror, the researchers show how exhaled breath of air distributed in the room. As a result, the importance of safety distances to protect against infectious diseases such as COVID-19 should be clarified.

The Robert Koch Institute does not keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other persons for one of the most important protection measures, to infect with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, since the Virus can be transmitted by direct contact between people via small droplets. How a Transfer can look, to make Researchers at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar using the latest technology visible.

Impressive visualization of the room air distribution

A short film of the University illustrates clearly how even the smallest air currents are distributed in the space. It plays a crucial role in how the Person behaves, which gives the exhaled air. In the Video, for example, will see a massive difference to whether someone is simply in the room coughing, a Hand in front of the mouth or the mouth with the crook of the arm covers. Here is the Film of the University:

Keep your distance! – How breathing air is widely used in cough. An Experiment of the professorship of building physics. from the Bauhaus-University Weimar on Vimeo.

Always the mouth when coughing cover

“Especially when coughing without protection in front of the mouth, it is clear how strongly the breath is spreading in the room,” stresses Professor Conrad international. For this reason, the mouth should be covered when coughing always. This is the Experiment show impressive.

The inside of the elbow is the best method

To keep “on with the crook of the arm, also the hands clean and possible viruses or other pathogens, not through body contact or surface to pass on,” adds the Professor. The Video also shows that respiratory protection masks give no hundred percent protection against droplet infection.

How were recorded the room’s air currents?

The distribution of the room air was visualized by means of the so-called Schlieren method. At the heart of this process is a concave and extremely fine-milled mirror with about a Meter in diameter. In this schlieren mirror even the smallest of air currents visible.

“The principle is similar to that of an overheated road in the summer, when the air is shimmering above the Asphalt,” explains peoples. The density differences in the air of the room lead to a deflection of the light, which is then made use of the mirror visible. With the naked eye, these movements are not perceptible.

Only four large schlieren systems in the world

This type of mirror system according to the Bauhaus University in Weimar in the world only four times. In the normal case, the System is used to analyze room air flows in indoor spaces, for example, to determine what effects the climate has on the human body. (vb)