#Corona care: seriously ill Christine (53) in urgent need of disinfectants – who can help?

The hamster purchases of disinfectants in German drugstores, pharmacies and Online stores are not only annoying for people like Christine Gorth, you can be life-threatening. The 53-Year-old is chronically ill and needs to be fed for a serious stomach operation in the year 2016 through a Port, artificial.

Such Ports must be disinfected at regular intervals because it can lead to serious complications. But: disinfectants are unlikely to get more.

"People do not think out there, apparently, if you are afraid of the Coronavirus, all the disinfectant in pharmacies and anywhere else on the Internet empty to buy, and nothing left for the really serious people with a serious disease, the need sind", Gorth is angry in a call, on Sunday morning in the corona-care-Facebook-group of the FOCUS Online has posted. Just for seriously ill children, the current supply situation is much more threatening, explains the Hannoveranerin: "You have so little defenses, the counter."

So Gorth started in the Facebook group a call. The 53-Year-old is in urgent need of the skin disinfectant Softasept N, but this is unlikely to get more. "I still have a small supply, but when the is running low, I really have a serious Problem", Gorth writes. Their hope is that If enough people in their stores to keep the eyes open, or something from their inventories to give, then people like Gorth – dependent on disinfectant really come better over the rounds.

The User in de corona care-Facebook group trying to help immediately. Some of the messengers to send the funds by Mail if you discover it somewhere in your Region, other send Links to unknown Online stores which may have the resources available. Gorth is, however, still thankful for any hint. Who can help? Just in the comments under this Facebook Post answers.

The Corona-pandemic restricts increasingly the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has &quot therefore, the action;#Corona care: Germany helps sich" started to people who want to help with those who need help. With you! For more info, click here.

FDP-man reported on the Moment when he learned of his Corona-infection