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Fear of Corona: Significantly fewer hospital admissions due to heart attack

Recently it was reported that in some hospitals the patients are declining numbers, and the suspicion is that this might have something to do with the fear of a Coronavirus infection. This fear could also be a reason why there are significantly fewer hospital admissions due to heart attack.

A special analysis of the DAK-health shows that in March, 25 per cent fewer people with a heart attack to the hospital as in March 2018 and 2019. Doctors have already pointed out that, at present, many of those Affected with heart attack symptoms come to the hospital. The insurance company warns to choose out of a fear of infection with the Coronavirus in the case of heart attack symptoms to the emergency.

Immediately call the emergency doctor

According to a notification, the current analysis of hospital data from the DAK-health shows that in March 2018 and 2019, around 1.200 or 1.100 DAK-Insured with a heart attack inpatients were included.

This year, however, there were only about 800 – a decline of approximately 25 percent. “This big difference is particularly against the Background of the Coronavirus pandemic is worrying,” said DAK-Executive Board member Andreas Storm.

“There can always be deviations from the average. This significant decrease is very noticeable.“

The DAK-health therefore advises anyone with heart attack symptoms are noticed, to take this very seriously and to call immediately the ambulance. A heart attack is a life-threatening disease, which must be made as soon as possible.

Also, the German heart Foundation was recently emphasized in a press release, to hesitate in the case of a suspected heart attack, or other heart emergencies, but immediately the emergency number, 112, to sell. The experts pointed out that the clinics are well-equipped, in spite of the Corona-pandemic for heart and other emergencies.

Different heart attack symptoms in women and men

How the DAK-health, writes, suffer every year around 300,000 people in Germany have a heart attack. About 50,000 die from it. Thus, the infarct is not life-threatening, should symptoms be recognized and it should be handled quickly.

Important to know: A heart attack can have for women and men of different signs. So it comes to shortness of breath in men, and burning and stabbing, sometimes pain pressure in the chest. Sometimes these beams in the arms, neck, or abdomen, and there is Numbness, pressure and tight feelings in the torso.

Women have, according to the health insurance usually other symptoms, if you suffer a heart attack. You have shortness of breath, Nausea and vomiting, however, the otherwise typical breast can the absence of pain.

Women more likely to suffer a feeling of pressure and tightness as well as pain in the upper abdomen. For more symptoms you have outbreaks and pallor are welding. Possible complaints are pain such as severe back and leg pain. Differently than men can break in women, the circulatory system, as well as loss of consciousness to occur. (ad)