Connecticut mom 'feels ugly and unattractive' after plastic surgeries left her with lumpy lips, misshapen nose

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A Connecticut mom who sought lip fillers and a nose job after enduring bullying as a child now says she wishes she “never touched” her face as she prepares to go back under the knife to correct her lopsided lips.

Ellen Gonzalez told Kennedy News and Media that she was also left unhappy with her new nose after she had it done in 2016.

Gonzalez, who has already undergone two procedures to correct her lips, will go back for a third next month to make her lips smaller. 
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“I wish I never touched my face,” she told the news outlet, according to The Sun. “I feel ugly and unattractive. I don’t want to be fake anymore. I went through a lot of trauma as a child which is why I got plastic surgery. When bullies tell you that you’re fat, ugly, that you would be better off dead, you do anything to change that impression of yourself.”

So the mom of three, from Stamford, sought to change her appearance and wanted fuller lips back in 2004. In 2016, when she went for her first nose job, she claims she asked the surgeon to lessen her fillers, but what he did was leave her with lopsided lips.

Her lips have been left covered in scars and are currently lopsided after she suffered a series of setbacks including infections. 
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“For me, surgery was about making me look beautiful,” she said, according to the news outlet. “But now I can’t eat or drink properly. Food falls out of my mouth, and if I drink liquids and I’m not leaning the right way, they come out too. I have to drink with a straw.”

Gonzalez said she also suffered a series of setbacks in her recovery including infections in her lips that were leaking pus and left her with lumps.

Gonzalez, pictured after the first surgery in which she asked the doctor to lessen the look of her lips, said she wishes she never touched her face in the first place. 
(Kenned News & Media)

“They were very lumpy,” she told the news outlet. I’ve gone through the wringer with this. It’s messed my mouth up.”

Now, she wants to set an example for her daughters that they don’t need surgery to look beautiful.

Because she’s been unemployed, Gonzalez said she has to put her fate in the same doctor who left her with a lopsided look when she goes back in for more corrections next month.

“I’m trying to do them as small as possible,” she said, of her lips, according to the news outlet. “I’ve got scars on my lips now. I don’t want to keep adding scars.”

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