Chris Cuomo Shares Chest X-Rays as He Battles Coronavirus: 'You Have to Fight to Keep It Out'

Chris Cuomo continues to be open with viewers about his health.

On Monday, the CNN host, 49, shared an update on his ongoing bout with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), speaking with Dr. Sanjay Gupta during his Cuomo Prime Time broadcast from home.

“If you have coronavirus, in most of the cases, the big fear is that it’s going to get your lungs — that’s what it wants; it wants your lungs,” said Cuomo.

The journalist said that he felt his fever go down over the weekend, but the virus transitioning to his chest. Cuomo said he then decided he needed an X-ray to check his lungs.

During the episode, Cuomo disclosed his X-ray results, having Gupta, 50, break down what might be evident from the pictures. The doctor — while not offering an on-air diagnosis — said it appears Cuomo has some instances of a “little bit of fluid built up,” but not quite pneumonia.

“[Doctors] expect me to have infiltrate because I have the virus, and I have to tell you,” said Cuomo, “it is scary to have your lungs go up there and see this stuff and go, ‘Well, what is that? What is that, like, smoke in there?’ And they tell you, ‘Yeah, it’s the virus.’ ”

“It’s in there; it’s in you. You have to fight to keep it out,” added Cuomo, who said he is “doing fine” and practicing breathing exercises, per doctors’ orders.

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On his show last week, Cuomo detailed the symptoms he had so far experienced from the virus, recounting sleepless and feverish nights in quarantine.

“I’ve never had anything like it,” he said at the time. “I’ve never experienced any kind of fever like what I have going on all the time and the body aches and the tremor and the concern about not being able to do anything about it.”

The reporter also said he was hallucinating, and described shivering so much that it felt like “somebody was beating me with a piñata” — so much so that he even chipped a tooth.

Cuomo — whose brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is leading the charge in the country’s epicenter of the outbreak — also said last week that he’d lost over 10 pounds since he tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’ve lost 13 pounds in three days,” he said. “I’m a big guy. I started off at 230 pounds. My wife is feeding me like, you know, we were still in the dating phase. So it’s not like I’m hurting for nutrition. I’m eating and drinking constantly, I’m just sweating it out, and it’s the sickness.”

The TV personality noted that he’s “not looking to scare people” by discussing his symptoms, instead, he’s “trying to do the opposite” by giving a truthful explanation as to what the virus can cause.

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