Call in sick message to 31. May

Since the beginning of March insured patients due to the Corona get legally pandemic in cold symptoms a Sick note from the doctor via a phone call. This temporary special scheme will now be extended to last for two weeks and up to and including 31. In may 2020. The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), with shares.

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From 1. June 2020 must appear patients and then again in person in the doctor’s office and investigate, if you need a certificate of incapacity for Work. This decision is according to the G-BA in accordance with the current risk situation, which has led to relaxations in many areas of public life. "Medical practices obtained with the final extension of about two weeks, the temporal framework to the organizational to the restoration of operation of the control set, after the fitting of masks and other protective equipment that is guaranteed now to a large extent ist", Prof. Josef Hecken, impartial Chairman of the G-BA says.

Serious diseases früh recognize

In many practices already robust hygiene concepts were practiced, the other practices are transferable, so that patients can take the medical care, without increased infection risks. "This is also important so that serious diseases können&quot in a timely manner and, if necessary, treated detected;, says hedges. The G-BA pointed out, however, that there may be a new special scheme, if more people with the Coronavirus to infect.

At Covid-19-suspicion by telephone to the doctor to report

Regardless of the derogation, however, that patients with respiratory diseases should not enter the doctor’s office unannounced. In typical Covid-19-symptoms, after exposure to people with the disease, and in the case of unclear symptoms of infections of the upper respiratory tract is to be initially by telephone contact to the practice, so that further action can be discussed.


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