Brain health ‘Check-in’ tool to help reduce dementia risk

Brain health 'Check-in' tool to help reduce dementia risk

  • While 35% of people said they’ve had concerns about their hearing, more than half of those (59%) reported that they haven’t done anything about it.
  • Less than a third (31%) of the public said they get the recommended seven hours of quality sleep a night—the recommended amount for good brain health.
  • Over a third of people report that they’re failing to challenge their brain regularly, with 32% only managing to do this occasionally, while 4% feel they don’t ever challenge their brain. But on a more positive note, over a quarter (27%) believe they are challenging their brain daily.
  • People find they’re struggling to squeeze in two and a half hours of moderate exercise a week—the NHS recommended amount—with 26% admitting they do this occasionally, while 22% never do this.
  • Promisingly, people say they are doing a great job at keeping connected—with 73% of the public speaking to friends, family and colleagues either daily (40%) or several times a week (33%).
  • And people appear to be keeping on top of getting their blood pressure checked, with 61% having it looked at over the last year.

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