Boost your immunity with these five superfoods

‘You are what you eat’, which is why it is essential to have a balanced intake of nutritionally-dense foods for a strong immune system.

No one likes falling ill. But for that, you must ensure your immune system is strong. We know that exercising, not smoking, and reducing alcohol intake are some things one can do to stay healthy in the long run, but in addition to this, our diet also plays a crucial role. Eating the right food is half the job done. However, you should know exactly what to eat to keep yourself healthy and your immune system strong, advises Dolly Kumar, founder and director, Gaia, while recommending “five superfoods” you can consume to boost your immunity and stay at the peak of your health.


Also known as gooseberry, amla has long been used in Indian households to prepare dishes and achaar/murabba. But it is equally well-known for combating common ailments such as cold, sore throat, digestive issues etc. Apart from being rich in antioxidants, amla is enriched with micronutrients which help increase immunity. It acts as a detoxifying agent for the body and is great for eyesight, hair, heart and diabetics as well. Amla also has high fibre content that can aid in weight loss. It can be consumed in various forms like juice, candy or even the raw fruit.


Nature’s sweetening agent, honey is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Organic raw honey contains numerous medicinal properties. Its rich antibacterial properties soothe the throat and protect the body against bacteria and fungi, and also boost gut immunity. Honey can be used as a substitute for refined sugar, which is unhealthy and void of nutrients. It is also an energy-boosting food as the fructose and glucose in honey combine to give a sustained boost. Mix honey in warm water and drink it regularly for weight loss, increased immunity and to cleanse the digestive system.

Green tea

Well-known for being an abundant source of antioxidants, drinking green tea on a regular basis flushes out the toxins from the body. Coupled with polyphenols, catechins in green tea help boost immunity. Although most of us are accustomed to drinking milk tea and might find the taste of green tea bitter and bland, it is known to be one of the healthiest beverages one can consume. Besides, green tea has been known to assist with weight loss too. A warm cup of freshly brewed green tea in the morning will leave you feeling refreshed. Also, aside from improving your immunity by cleaning your body, green tea is a rich source of essential nutrients for glowing skin.


While vitamins and antioxidants are key to a healthy body, proteins and fatty acids are equally important. Spirulina capsules are one of the richest sources of naturally-derived proteins and fatty acids. Along with vitamins and minerals, they protect your eyesight and build your immunity. Spirulina capsules are also known to lower blood pressure levels and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the body.


Commonly found in most Indian households, turmeric is treasured for its antibacterial properties and medicinal value. Organic turmeric, which has high curcumin content, is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. These healing properties of turmeric help strengthen your immunity and ward off illnesses.

Apart from consuming these foods to build your immunity, remember to have a balanced diet and drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep for a long-lasting good health!

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