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Blackberries: Many vitamins, few calories

The BlackBerry season has begun. The delicious fruits have a lot to offer for the health. The ingredients have a positive effect on the blood pressure and reduce your risk for heart disease-vascular. In addition, they strengthen the immune system – and you have only a few calories.

A minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables you should eat according to the experts per day. Because many important for our body vitamins, phytochemicals as well as minerals and fiber stuck. Currently, blackberries are on offer here – which can be currently offered in shops and markets. Who is collecting them yourself, you should be careful.

Be careful when Picking


Ripe blackberries are a true delicacy. In this country, they ripen from the end of June until October. As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) explains, the bramble (Rubus fruticosus) botanically, a collection of stone fruit, many small drupes sitting on a pin-shaped fruit of the ground.

Each berry contains a hard seed that is wrapped nestled like a cherry in the juicy flesh of a thin outer skin. The fruit of the ground, not solves, the maturity of the fruit unlike, for example, of the raspberry. The BlackBerry is about two to three centimeters big and has a dark red or violet, almost black color.


While Picking the fruits, one should be careful, because the shrub has numerous spines, more recent varieties have no more. It professionals on the public health portal of Austria’s ““ go. Blackberries should not be harvested when ripe, as they ripen.

Health-Promoting Ingredients

The Aroma of ripe blackberries is unparalleled. The süßsäuerliche taste of juicy fruit is acids according to the BZfE, in particular, to the contained fruit, and the relatively high sugar content due.

Among the berries, blackberries have the highest Provitamin A content. The experts estimated that is converted to vitamin A in the body into Vitamin A, which is important for the eyes. Also worth mentioning is the levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, both of which are involved in cell protection, as well as vitamins from the B group, the metabolic processes are indispensable. Furthermore, are included in the fruit important minerals like calcium, potassium, and Magnesium as well as fiber.

As it is on the Portal ““ means that the contained flavonoids (anthocyanins), which give the BlackBerry the typical color, numerous health-promoting effects, among other things, you can reduce the risk for cancer and cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, regulate the immune system and positive affect.


Blackberries have just 36 calories per 100 grams and are very well suited to be eaten raw. However, they can also be extremely versatile in the kitchen use. The low-calorie Fruits to enrich any Dessert, for example ice cream, yoghurt or quark dishes, convince as a cake or pie topping, or as an appendage to the Rumtopf. Also jam, jelly, fruit sauce or compote from a can or with BlackBerry connect. If you like, you also can handle juice, syrup, wine, liqueur, or fruit of the spirit.

When it came to spots, should the tip of the “” be treat observed: “BlackBerry stains on clothes, tea towels etc. before the Wash with vinegar or lemon juice.”

Ripe blackberries are very soft. The fruits are very delicate and spoil quickly. Therefore, you should be best stored side by side on a plate in the fridge. There, they hold about one to two days. Who would like to store larger quantities, freeze the blackberries berries the best. (ad)

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