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Black raspberries for the treatment of skin allergies?

The consumption of black raspberries appear to reduce inflammation associated with skin allergies occur. This could be a natural option for the treatment of contact hypersensitivity.

In a study by the Ohio State University, it was found that black raspberries inflammation can be reduced in connection with skin allergies. The results were published in the English journal “Nutrients”.

Black raspberries to treat cancer?


The researchers from the Ohio State University studying for years the effects of black raspberries on inflammation. A diet which is rich in black raspberries, has already proved to be promising in the reduction of inflammation associated with some types of cancer. Therefore, the research group wanted to find out whether the fruit could also reduce other diseases of inflammation.

Black raspberries against contact allergies

A diet with a high proportion of black raspberries actually seems to inflammation in Kontaktallergienzu reduce. By contact allergies, redness and inflammation of the skin caused. The protective effect of black raspberries was found in a study on mice. Treatments for the disease, and are usually applied directly to the skin. However, interestingly, could the mere consumption of black raspberries to achieve the same effect, report the researchers.

The investigation included two groups of mice


The research group fed a group of mice with a diet, what kind of black raspberries contained. The amount of captured raspberries corresponded with people a single Serving per day. In addition, there was a control group of mice received the same Form of diet, however, without the black raspberries.

Three weeks after the beginning of the change of diet, the researchers exposed ends of the ears of each mouse-specific stimulus materials, which induced a contact hypersensitivity. Then, they measured the decrease in the swelling and compared to the ears of each mouse. Thus, it was found that in the case of raspberries eating mice the swelling went down faster than the animals, which took no raspberries to be.

What is the black caused the raspberries?

The research group found out that the black raspberries modulate, apparently, so-called dendritic cells, which act as messengers for the immune system of the body to act. These cells signal to the immune system, whether or not it should intervene. With other words: dendritic cells modulate whether an inflammatory response is triggered or not.

Type of reaction of the body is very important

The immune system is very complex. Through the identification of unique cells, which are affected by the berries, can be detected, as the berries inhibit the inflammation, reports the researchers. “Many of the bad effects that we see are not always due to the pathogens or allergens themselves, but the way our body reacts to these triggers,” explains the study’s author, Professor Steve Oghumu of the Ohio State University in a press release.

Black raspberries control the reaction of the body

In the case of a contact hypersensitivity of the skin of a Person meets, for example, to an Allergen to which the body reacts by flooding the area with cells, then inflammation, and cause itching. “A possibility, with this kind of disease to deal, therefore, is to control this reaction, and this is one of the things that black raspberries seem to be able to,” adds Professor Oghumu. (as)

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