Best supplements for weight loss – the 2p a day capsules to prevent weight gain

Weight loss could be crucial for patients that are overweight or obese. Around 25 per cent of all adults in the UK are obese, and long-term lifestyle or diet changes are encouraged to help those individuals to lose weight.

Taking weight loss supplements could provide patients with the kickstart they need for their new diet plans.

Green tea extract could be used to help with weight loss, according to medical website Medical News Today.

It’s believed that green tea increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Its effect is especially noticeable in patients that want to get rid of fat around their stomach.

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Drinks or supplements containing green tea extract can result in weight loss, as a result of the decrease in body fat.

But, the amount of weight patients will lose is only very modest, it warned.

More research is needed to confirm the exact amount of weight patients could expect to lose by regularly taking green tea extract supplements, however.

Some people could also have an adverse reaction to green tea supplements. It could lead to stomach pain, constipation or nausea.

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It’s important to speak to a doctor before planning to take any weight loss supplements.

Obese patients hoping to lose weight should also consult a physician or nutritionist before making any changes to their diet plan.

Meanwhile, you could also kickstart your weight loss regime by taking apple cider vinegar capsules, it’s been claimed.

The supplements interfere with the body’s natural carbohydrate digestion, as they contain acetic acid, said the Arthritis Foundation.


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The acid has an impact on patients’ metabolism, and prevent spikes in blood sugar after eating large meals, it said.

Acetic acid can be found in fresh apple cider vinegar, as well as in some supplements.

Adding more apple cider vinegar to your diet could also suppress patients’ appetite, it’s been claimed.

Helping to control appetite could also have a beneficial impact on the amount of food you consume.


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The best way to lose weight is to make some small diet or lifestyle swaps, said the NHS.

One of the easiest ways to slash the pounds is to eat regular meals – including breakfast, it added.

Drink plenty of water, and be sure to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

Fibre-rich foods help you to feel fuller for longer, which stops you from overeating.

Exercise is equally as important as a healthy diet. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week.

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