Alcohol-fast: Online action starts

On ash Wednesday, the lent begins again. The Federal centre for health education (BZgA) invites you to participate in the Online almost action of "Alcohol? Know your Limit." a. Those interested can from 26. February to 9. April test, how easy or difficult you a six-week period of time without alcohol, and what physical and mental changes you will notice.

The waiver of alcohol has positive effects for the body and the soul, is scientifically studied well. "Anyone who has previously drunk alcohol regularly, the alcohol is fast may not be easy. The more important is the alcohol a break, because regular use can be insidious in a dependency führen", Dr. Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the BZgA says. The Online almost action was therefore a good opportunity to examine their own consumption-critical and to give the body a Chance for regeneration processes

The BZgA supports with helpful tips: How to reject offered alcoholic beverages in polite but firm? What non-alcoholic Drinks you can try as a tasty Alternative? On the website it is in addition explained the positive effects that the alcohol has to be fasting and why it is worth to see it through. The campaign page offers a week in an Online Newsletter, helpful suggestions and support.


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