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New air filter for protection against COVID-19

Now, a new air filter was developed, which is the COVID-19 Virus which is responsible of a SARS-CoV-2 to capture and immediately kill can. This could constitute a decisive step in the fight against the global threat of COVID-19.

In a study with the participation of the University of Houston, it was found that a newly developed air filter, SARS-CoV can kill 2 effectively. The results were published in the English scientific journal “Materials Today, Physics”.

Spread of the Virus in air-conditioned rooms contain


The researchers it was known that the COVID-19 causing can remain at the end of the Virus about three hours in the air. In view of the re-opening of many shops, it was to contain absolutely necessary for the spread of the Virus in air-conditioned rooms. A Filter that can remove the Virus quickly, fulfills exactly this task.

Where could be the Filter is particularly useful?

“This Filter could be witnesses at airports and in flight, in office buildings, schools, and cruise ships to be useful, to stop the spread of COVID-19”, explains study author Professor Zhifeng Ren from the University of Houston in a press release. It will even develop already planned a table-top model of the Filter, which could purify the air in the immediate vicinity of the office work people.

The Virus cannot survive high temperatures


The Virus can according to the researchers, temperatures not survive beyond 70 degree Celsius. Therefore, the Team decided to develop a heated Filter. By a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius, the Virus could be killed almost instantaneously.

What Material is the Filter made of?

The research group used Nickel foam, as this fulfilled several key requirements. The foam is porous so that air can flow through it, and electrically conductive, so that it can be heated. In addition, it has a good flexibility.

How could be heated in the Filter?

Since the Nickel foam has a low specific resistance, it is difficult to increase the temperature high enough to kill the Virus quickly. The Team solved this Problem by folded the foam and a plurality of chambers with electrical wires connected to increase the resistance so that the temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius can be reached.

Escaping amount of heat has been minimized

Due to the internal electronic heating could be minimized additionally, the amount of heat which would normally escape from the Filter, if an external heat source would be used. After various Tests, it was confirmed that the Filter requirements for conventional heating, ventilation and air – met systems.

How effective is the new Filter?

Through the new Filter, which was heated to 200 degrees Celsius, could be actually 99.8 percent of the novel SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass killed. In addition, the Filter kills when tested in the laboratory, 99.9% of the anthrax spores.

The Filter has a huge potential

This novel technology for the protection of the interior air prior to the environmental Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through the air will be spaces at the top of the available technologies to combat the current pandemic in the interior, predicts study author Dr. Faisal Cheema.

Where the Filter is used first?

The new device should now be progressively introduced, starting in the places with high priority, where the work is exposed to persons with an increased risk of Exposure. This includes, in particular, schools, hospitals, and health facilities as well as public transport and their environment, for example, aircraft and airports. (as)

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